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Exams & Vaccinations


Every pet is different.  From the cuddly puppy to the wise old cat, each patient at Shamrock Animal Hospital recieves care that is specific to the individual pet.  We work hard with you to identify anything that may present a health risk to your cat or dog.

Often overlooked, regular exams for your pets are ciritcal in maintaining their overall health.  And while “getting their shots” is important, it is equally important for Dr. Fagan to examine your pet.  You may not even notice that it is happening.  While conversing with you to gain as much health and lifestyle information about your pet as possible, she is conducting a nose-to-tail exam of your cat or dog.  From a simple flea problem to skin irritation to growths and heart problems, examining your pet is THE most crucial part of your routine office visit.

Of course, part of your regular office visit will be to receive the recommended vaccines to ensure that you pet and your family are protected from preventable and harmful diseases.  Dr. Fagan and your technician are happy to discuss our recommended vaccine schedule and make sure that you understand what each of them is for.

We also employ the latest in messaging technology to alert you to upcoming milestone dates via text message or email.  You will also receive a reminder a couple of days before any scheduled appointment.