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The Exam


Normally, when a client calls for an appointment, we will hear the phrase, “It’s time for their shots”.  While appropriate vaccinations are important to maintaining the health of your pet, there is a far more important for Dr. Fagan to see your pet.  Since animals age seven times faster (ie. 1 year = 7 pet years) the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that pets visit their veterinarians twice annually to ensure optimal health.

Performing a physical, hands-on exam of your pet, checking their heart, noticing any weight change or changes in appearance, performing annual diagnostic bloodwork along with your annual heartworm screening, we have the ability to identify potential health risks early and establish a treatment plan that allows for optimal health for your pet.

Occasionally, pets may be susceptible to having a reaction to a single vaccine or combination of vaccines.  Twice annual exams allow Dr. Fagan to spread the vaccines out thereby reducing the risk of an unwanted reaction.