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State of the Art Equipment


We know that you expect only the best healthcare for your pet when you visit Shamrock Animal Hospital. For that reason, we are continually updating, upgrading and investing in the very best tools available in the industry. Virtually all diagnostic and management technology has been updated and replaced in the last 3-4 years.

Our VetPro 1000 Dental Station is a state of the art dental cleaning and scaling machine that meets the same exacting standards that our personal dentists demand. Specifically equipped for veterinary use, we are helping dogs and cats to maintain or regain their dental health which has been shown to have links to many other bodies and organ functions.

The X-Ray process with pets is often very difficult. They don’t necessarily understand when we tell them to “stay still.” When we were using traditional film, this often led to blurry and/or unusable images. Today, Shamrock Animal hospital has the benefit of having the most current digital imaging technology available which allows us to use radiography with a very high level of confidence that we are going to get the correct images in the fastest time possible.

In the last 20 years, laser therapy has been shown to have many effective uses in a variety of medical conditions from wound care to arthritis. The Companion Therapy Laser is a Class IV laser that is the most current technology available.

Whether routine or urgent, bloodwork and diagnostic testing are essential to effectively monitoring the health all pets and to quickly and accurately diagnose conditions for sick pets. Our partnership with IDEXX Laboratories allows Dr. Fagan to have the very best in-house diagnostic and blood testing technology right within the hospital and the knowledge and expertise of industry leading diagnostic veterinarians to ensure that we can quickly and correctly identify any potential or existing health issues that a pet may have.