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Life Is Just Better With Pets!

Have you ever come home after a long day and been met at the door by that unmatched smile of a dog?  Or perhaps it was a cat who was so happy to see you that she rubbed against your legs and purred for 20 minutes until you finally reached down to pet her?

Or how about that rainy day that you spent with the windows open and hearing the drops fall softly on the plants outside while the entire family (cats & dogs naturally included) snuggles up in bed for a wonderful nap?

Most of us have done it – and keep doing it – because almost every moment of our lives is enhanced when our pets are involved!

At Shamrock Animal Hospital, we are committed to ensuring that those memories continue for years to come.   Dr. Fagan and the Shamrock Living team are committed to providing the compassion, caring and knowledge to care for your pet in the very best way possible.

We understand the importance of feeling good about the way your pet is treated and, equally important, how YOU are treated every time you see us.

We encourage you to explore our website, get to know us and even stop in to meet us.   Two legged or four legged, we’re always happy to make new friends!

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