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Spay, Neuter & General Surgery


Shamrock Animal Hospital strongly recommends that all pets be spayed or neutered.  

The first (and most common) thought when discussing these procedures is that we want to ensure that we don’t continue to have an ever growing cat population or dogs that end up pregnant “by accident”.

There are multiple other reasons to perform these procedures such as dramatically reducing your pet’s risk of cancer.  We often discuss behavioral problems with pet owners as well.  It could be aggression in a dog or a cat that is “marking” its territory around the house and not using the litter box.  The first question that we will ask these owners is whether or not their pet has been spayed or neutered.  Along with our clients, we find it amazing how quickly these situations correct themselves once the pet has been spayed or neutered.

Dr. Fagan also performs a wide array of general and soft tissue surgeries.  When we find growths on a certain part of a pet’s body, Dr. Fagan will evaluate the risks associated with them and will discuss when surgery would be recommended to make the pet more comfortable or potentially keep disease from spreading.

Here’s a quiz for you:

What do a stuffed animal nose, a rock, a neck scarf, a sewing needle and a dried-up piranah fish have in common?

To some it may be obvious, but these are all items that Dr. Fagan has had to address when pets have ingested them!

Foriegn bodies in your pet’s intestinal track is one of the riskiest conditions that they can have and, thanks to our diagnostic equipment and Dr. Fagan’s skill and experience, we can jump into action to ensure that these situations do not become life threatening.