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Jeff & Raquel Fagan

What do you do when you combine a Floridian (and huge Florida Gator fan), a New Englander (who lives and dies by where the Red Sox are in the standings), 6 kids, 4 dogs, 1 cat, a large number of colorful fish and a pocket full of dreams for the future?

You become the owners of Shamrock Animal Hospital, of course.

Having met in 2014 and married in 2015, there was always something “more” in our marriage.  As we moved along in time, we realized that Raquel’s dream of owning her own animal hospital, and more than 20 years as a veterinarian, where she could do it “her way” and Jeff’s background in customer service, hospitality, sales & marketing and real estate were a very interesting blend.  When we started putting it all together, we developed our own recipe for not only delivering great veterinary care, but also for enhancing people’s lives by enjoying it with their pets.

We spent dozens of late nights discussing what we thought our version of a “pet lifestyle” would be.

What kind of facility we would want to build?

How would we want our employees to interact with our clients?

How would we want our clients to interact with us?

Where would our hospital even be?

Then it happened…online…the same way we met in 2014!

It started as a simple little email saying that there was an animal hospital for sale in Central Florida.  The next piece of information told us that it was in Mount Dora – one of our favorite day-trip towns.  Next, we saw the facility and talked to people about the hospital.  AND, it was called Shamrock!  What could be luckier than that for an Irishman like Jeff?  The match could not have been more perfect.

Within 8 weeks, we had both quit our jobs and started our new journey of #shamrockliving.  We both checked items off our professional bucket list.  Raquel had a practice that she could call her very own and Jeff had a job where he could bring his dog to work everyday!  There hasn’t been a single day that we have ever looked back.

You see, in the grand scheme of things, we really think that our pets have it right.

Play, eat, sleep, love…repeat everyday.  We could all probably take a few lessons from them!

Until we see you next – give your dog a hug or your cat a kiss from us!  And please remember what we say, “Life’s Just Better When Done With Pets”.

– Jeff & Raquel Fagan