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Why We Go ‘To The Back’


One of the most common questions that we are asked during a visit to Shamrock Animal Hospital is, “Why do you take my pet out of the exam room?”  While the primary reason is to reduce the stress that your pet feels during their visit, there are a number of reasons for this and we have outlined a few of them below.

  • When you come into the exam room, you will notice that it is designed for 3-4 people along with a pet.  For the safety of our staff and the comfort of your pet, checking the pulse, temperature and respiration of your pet is a two-person job.  Your Vet Tech partners with another one of our team members to make sure that the process creates the least amount of stress on your pet as possible.  It’s a bit tough to pile 5 or 6 people into one of our exam rooms! 
  • A large number of our office visits include taking blood.  Whether for an annual heartworm check, annual screening blood panels or even bloodwork to help diagnose a sick pet.  We stock all of the supplies for these tests in our treatment room, and once again, we have a team of two who handle all of the sampling for the diagnostics that we will run on our pets. 
  • Our pets are just like our children.  Years of observation by Dr. Fagan and extensive industry research has shown us that our pets generally behave better when Mom and/or Dad are not sitting there with them.  This allows for us to provide the least stressful environment for your pet and our staff while preparing for the exam by Dr. Fagan. 

While we use all of our “Shamrock Charm”, we understand that, many times, visits to our hospital can be unnerving for the whole family.  To help bring you a level of mental comfort, we are happy to give you a tour and explanation of everything that happens in the treatment room.  Just ask any member of the Shamrock Living team!