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Dental Care


Dental health is one of the most important (and often overlooked) factors in ensuring wellness for your pets.  Dental health has been shown to have a significant impact on virtually every function of the body, including the heart, liver and kidneys.  It is so important that Dr. Fagan and your veterinary technician will evaluate the dental health of every pet that we see.  By reviewing your pet’s oral health, we can make suggestions to avoid severe mouth and gum problems in the future.  Sometimes, maintaining good dental health is as easy as providing your pet with treats or chews that are designed speicifically for healthy mouths!

Based upon your pet’s dental evaluation, we will provide you with recommendations to help improve or maintain the oral and overall health of your pet.   When a full dental cleaning is recommended, we have a state of the art dental station that we use to bring your pet’s oral health back to its highest possible level.  The equipment that we use is virtually identical to the cleaning equipment you would find in your own dentist’s office.

In some cases, as our pets age, it may become necessary to extract teeth as their oral health inevitably declines.  This is a completely normal course of treatment and, in most cases, helps your pet avoid disease and pain.