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Questions and Answers
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Simply put, people have questions.  We understand that.  So here’s your chance to “Ask Dr. Fagan”!

The Shamrock Lifestyle is all about living with pets because, in their own way, they make us full.  They bring us joy.  They make us laugh!

Our commitment to Shamrock Living is grounded in the belief that we have a responsibility to both our human and non-human clients.  We are committed to educating our community on the many issues that we all face daily when it comes to enhancing our lives by having pets in our family.

Inside this website, you will find answers to many FAQs – we like to call them “Friendly Animal Questions”.  We have tried to educate and inform on so many of the common issues we face as pet owners.  We can’t, however, anticipate all the questions that you may have and Dr. Google will often give you multiple, conflicting answers to the questions that you may have.

For truly in-depth questions, we do encourage you to schedule an appointment with us or your local veterinarian.  In the spirit of fun and education, we encourage you to ask away!